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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 7, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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up in flames. a wind driven wildfire forces a thousand homes to evacuate in colorado. a burning debate. plans by a florida church to burn the koran sparks protest and a warning about the save difference of u.s. troops. and without a net, a daredevil scales a san francisco skyscraper right into the arms of the law. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 7th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 7th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs and back to work today on this tuesday. good morning, everybody. good to see you. i'm terrell brown. and right now firefighters are battling a wind-driven wildfire in northern colorado. it's unclear what started the fire monday morning. residents of a thousand homes have been forced for evacuate. nearly six square miles have been burned. it's unknown the number of buildings destroyed. sandra hughes has our report. >> reporter: the smoke is so dark and thick it can be seen
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all the way to denver. fire crews have had to attack the blaze which is ten miles northwest of boulder on the ground because high winds had kept air tankers grounded since late afternoon monday. >> some of the structures lost or destroyed actually belong to firefighters that were currently working on the incident. >> reporter: officials don't know how many structures the blaze has burned, but anna and tom know their home is gone. tom stayed back to fight the fire, but had to give up. >> i was putting out the spot fire, but once that firestorm hit and the trees just ignited, the flames were up about 200 feet in the air. >> reporter: some desperate homeowners who were away when the fire broke out were trying to get back up to the area. >> i'll be back down here in 20 minutes. my dog's in that house and i'm not going to let my dog burn. >> reporter: roads coming down from the foothills were jammed. others stayed behind to make a stand. >> i got my dogs, all the stuff in my room. >> reporter: people who live in the room are used to wildfire,
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but say this is something they've never seen before. >> the people, the houtss, the pets, and yi will the wild live. it's devastating. >> reporter: skau not yet is an take hughes, cbs news. this morning tropical storm hermine is pounding south texas with heavy rains. it could cause life threading flooding. hermine crossed in to south texas this morning west of brownsville. up to a foot of rain is possible in some areas. hermine came ashore late monday in northwest mexico. more than 3,000 people were forced to evacuate. schools in brownsville are closed today. plans by a church here in america to burn copies of the koran have triggered a warning from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. the reverend terry jones, pastor of an evangelical church in gainesville, from a. the church describes islam as an evil religion and plans to burn copies of islam's whommiest book. >> on september the 11th, we are
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going to have an international burn a koran day because this book, this book is not a book of peace. this book is responsible for 9/11. >> general david petraeus says burning the koran could endanger u.s. troops. on monday, there were protests outside a mofrk in kabul, afghanistan. american flags were burned and the crowd chanted death to america. republicans wasted little time in attacking president obama's jobs program. even members of his own party weren't so enthusiastic about the $50 billion transit plan. tomorrow the president proposes a tax cut for businesses. tara mergener is in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. well, the president as you know is under a lot of pressure to bring this economy back to life. but krit it ticks say his latest plan will be ineffective and expensive. the white house is putting the
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finishing touches on a tax plan it hopes will help businesses add jobs. tomorrow president obama is expected to unveil the package of tax incentives that would allow businesses to write-off all new investments in plant and equipment through 2011. the potential savings, $200 billion. >> i'm going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around. >> reporter: monday the presidentle rolled out a new $50 billion program to create jobs, rebuilding the mags erode, railways and run ways. he assured a milwaukee crowd the plan would not add to the federal deficit. >> this is a plan that will be fully paid for. >> reporter: but republicans are skeptical. gop leaders say the last thing the nation needs now is more government stimulus spending. president obamas blasted republicans monday, blaming their policies for triggering the recession and their proposed solutions for making the economy
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worst. >> when comes to just about everything we've done to strengthen our middle class, to rebuild our economy, almost every republican in congress says no. >> reporter: with midterm haekss just weeks away, some political observers say even democrats may have a tough time supporting any new plan associated with spending. >> at the end of the day, it probably won't pass congress. and if it does pass congress, it won't create any jobs until next year, long after the midterm elections. >> reporter: and long after the battle for control of congress is over. now to pay for the infrastructure program, the president will ask congress to close tax breaks for oil and gas companies and multinational corporations. terrell, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington for us this morning. tara, good to see you. thank you. it will be a ruffle commute in london this morning. workerses on the subway system are on strike. up to 10,000 underground workers walked off the job last night it protest job cuts. they plan to strike for 24
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hours. more than 3.5 million people use the tube daily. and during world war ii, the tube provided shelter and safety to millions of londoners during the german bombing campaign known as the blitz. rare color film of the devastating bombing campaign has been released. the blitz began 70 years ago today, september 7th, 1940, and lasted until may of 1941. at one point london was bombed 76 consecutive nights. 43,000 civilians were killed. on the cbs "moneywatch" this morning, stocks in asia broke a winning streak. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, terrell. well, asian markets saw profit taking today after four straight days of gains. the nikkei gave back nearly 1% while the hang seng was also mostly lower. wall street gets back to work today after the long holiday weekend. last week was the market's first winning one in a month. the dow gained about 3% while the nasdaq almost 4%. businesses are holding the
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line on adding new jobs. a survey out this morning from manpower shows 5% of employers plan to hire new workers in the fourth quarter. that's about the same as last quarter, but up from a year ago. according to the survey, the strongest growth will be seen in the northeast while the weakest is expected out west. today the white house launches it latest plan to rescue the housing market. first announced back in march, the program will focus on reducing balances for homeowners who are current on their mortgage but owe more than their property is actually worth pft government hopes to help up to 1.5 million homeowners in trouble. you may want to hit facebook or twitter before you book your next trip. "usa today" is reporting that hotels and airlines are ramping up their exposure to social networking sites in a bid to help build brand loyalty. the sites offering a way to communicate directly to potential customers, some chains are offering discounted deals through the sites before they are available anywhere else.
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and a new study argues that money can buy happiness to a point. researchers found that as your income rises, so does your emotional well. but only until you hit about $75,000 a year. after that they say your sense of success may grow, but more money will not make you happier. and among its other earth shaking findings, terrell, is that people are happier on weekends. go figure. >> apparently i wasn't a part of that study. give me the money, let me decide if it makes me happy. >> i think i could get really happy if it went way above $75,000. shoes and bags. >> ashley morrison here in new york, appreciate it, thank you. just ahead on the "morning news," the latest twist in the john travolta extortion case. plus cancer patients see a hair lightening effect from an experimental drug. this is the "cbs morning news." so, we set out to discover the nutritional science at purina one, we want your cat to be as healthy as possible in some of nature's best ingredients.
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it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll and the same goes for climbing a skyscraper. this guy calls himself skyscraper man. on monday, he used high tech suction cups to climb a 58-story glass tower in san francisco. at the top, firefighters helped him unfurl a flag and you know how this goes, police arrested him when he got there. he was released a couple of hours later. in los angeles, a protest against sunday's failed police shooting of a guatemalan immigrant turned violent. it started last night in a neighborhood with a large central american population. protesters refused orders to disperse and started throwing bottles at riot miss and setting fires in trash cans. no word on injuries or arrests. in medical new, an experimental drug to treat advanced melanoma is on the fda's fast track for approval. while only one in five responds to the treatment, in some cases the results are startling.
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man wuel gallegus has more. >> reporter: gavin is only 51, but his hair is already white and he couldn't be happier about it. >> i said, oh, my goodness, this is great, i'm alive to see it. >> reporter: his dark hair started turning white several months ago as a side effect of an experimental drug he tack to treat his size four melanoma. surgery and chemotherapy didn't work. and he was running out of time. >> all my options had been tried and i felt that this this was the best opportunity, that i was willing to do at that point because i figured i had nothing to lose. >> reporter: the drug is called ipi for short, a recent study found in about 20% of patients who took it, it added nearly a year or more to their lives. it works by super charging the body's own immune system to file t fight the cancer. it didn't work for everyone, but the patients treated here at nyu whose hair and eyelashes turned all white later had their cancer due mores shrink completely, giving them their lives back. >> this is clearly your immune
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system that's attacking made plan that i sights and that they're the cells that cause melanoma and cause to you have pigmentation. >> reporter: now considered disease free, gavin's new favorite color is white. but for tracy, who is also considered disease free, the white is something she wants to cover up. >> i'm only 38. i shouldn't have white harriet. >> reporter: but she admits dying her hair is something she can live with. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. a bahamas judge has diss missed charges depends two people trying to extort $25 million from john travolta. he testified in the first of the two trials which ended in a mistrial last october. the judge says the actor didn't want to put his family through the stress and pain of a second trial. finally this morning, we'll keep this very short, meet the world's short he is man. he is 24-year-old edward hernandez from alcohol bee a who stands just over 27 1/2 inches high, declared the shortest in
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the world yesterday by the guinness book of records. coming up, your tuesday morning weather. and in the sport, the red sox go home happy at fenway. they're stirring up the pennant pot in the american league east. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc traveled to fairbanks, alaska. home of one of the coldest, longest nights on the planet. and asked frequent heartburn sufferers, like carl, to put prilosec otc's 24 hour heartburn protection to the test for two weeks. the results? i can concentrate on everything i'm doing, not even think about it anymore. since i've been taking it, i've been heartburn free, which is a big relief for me. [ male announcer ] take your 14-day challenge. ♪ prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country this morning.
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s sunny, 89, new york. chicago, sunny, 57. deny version sunny, 80, los angeles, 75 and sunny. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows cloudy skies throughout much of the northern plains while skies over the southwest are clear. later today, more rain is coming ashore over the gulf of mexico. the heat returns to the eastern seaboard for the day and cooler weather finds its way into the northwest. in sports morning, the yankees beat tampa bay, but couldn't get any ground in the al east. that it's because the rays were in boston and the red sox unleashed the long ball. david ortiz and adrian bell tray had back to back homers in the first. and a grand sham in the fourth, the sox went on to win that one 12-5. to the national league, the rock kisss off to a rocky start against the red, bia triple to tie the game at four in the third. he had another homer in the fifth. le colorado win this is one
4:17 am
10-5. to tennis now, roger federer who is a step closer to playing for a sixth u.s. open title, me look easy. 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 win last night. and finally, we've got college football this morning playing inside of the u.s. capital in later land, boise state up 17-0 over virginia tech early, the hokies make a comeback, but a 71 yard touchdown in the third quarter gave boise state the win. they take it 33-30. when can he come back, another look at this morning's top stories and unions under fire.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's
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weather. soaking rains and gusting winds in texas are a result of hermine moving inland. fast moving thunderstorms. the west coast cools down and the east coast warms up. and here's another look at this morning's top stories. a wind-driven wild pir north of boulder, colorado has destroyed dozens of homes and forced a thousand otherses to be evacuated. 5 1/2 square miles have been charred, but so far no injuries are reported. and a florida church plans to burn copies of the muslim holly book the koran on the anniversary of september 11th. the u.s. commander in afghanistan says that could endanger u.s. troops. back home, president obama's job creation plan comes as the unemployment rate hangs near 10%. it's been tough times for americans who have been out of work for a long stretch. meanwhile, ununionized workers -- or unionized worker,
4:21 am
rather, are facing cuts. elaine quijano reports. >> reporter: for more than three months, michelle has been picketing the plant where she's worked for 15 year, mott's apple juice in western new york. 300 union members are locked in a heat theed dispute, symbolizing a new shift in the power struggle between management and labor in america. companies typically ask for labor concessions when they're losing money. but mott's parent company, dr. pepper snap he will, is making record profit, more than half a billion dollars. yet workers are being asked to take a $1.50 an hour wage cut and a pension freeze. >> we need the fair share. if you're making half a billion after expenses, we should share in that. >> reporter: the company claims matt moth's workers make far more than than their counterparts.
4:22 am
>> when there's a situation that you have wages and benefits out of line with the local market, it's something that we have an obligation to address. >> reporter: labor experts say generally the longer a strike drags organization the more likely it is a company will get its way. but these workers say them's continue to hold out until the company comes up with a better offer. replacement workers arrive are daily doing the jobs union members used to do. the company says it has no plans to reopen talks. holding out is hard for michelle and her son. >> he didn't have a birthday cake. >> reporter: she realizes this could be a lost cause. sgll. >> i'll fight with everybody until the end and then i'll move on. >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, billion son, new york. this morning on the early show oirks more on the devastating colorado wildfires. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." [ female announcer ] your precious eyes. when allergies make them itch, don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway, from the eye health experts at bausch & lomb.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. get ready for a terrible traffic tuesday. aaa is expecting .a million people on the roads today. most are returning to work after the long holiday weekend. throw in a few thousand school buses on the roads and you have a recipe for a traffic nightmare. we'll keep you updated. virginia residents, listen up. health officials say there should be plenty of the flu vaccine to go around this season. 180 doses have been made
4:26 am
available nationwide. the vaccine should also ward off the h1n1 flu. in texas they are bracing for tropical storm hermine. the storm could bring up to eight inches of rain. hermine slammed in to the northern gulf coast on monday packing winds of 60 miles an hour. quickly crossed in to texas but i tell you, have to give howard a pat on the back for being the messenger, what a beautiful holiday weekend. >> it has been nice. almost hot today and tomorrow. i see you have your saints colors going on here. >> yeah. vikings. >> get to the map and talk about what is happening. we have some showers to the north pushing through this great lakes in to canada, northern new york and new england and high pressure demeanor nateing our weather once again. we need rain, though. we have a six-inch deficit for the year. some spots of virginia really dry. temperatures in the 50s in a
4:27 am
few spots. yesterday morning a lot of 40s out west. now cool spot being 55 in cumberland and stanton. we are at 70 here in town and also on the bay. 66 tappahannock. 59 in frederick. looking at the day at a glance. 84 by noon. upper 80s at 5:00. top off at 90. i will tell you hen the next best chance of rain is coming up. good morning. it is great outside. >> you are already at work. >> you are right. >> i want to remind you that everyone is going back too school today so expect more crowded streets than usual. right now 95 northbound is all clear south of dumfries. to the outer loop, no problems to report north of the district live from university and 95 and the bw parkway, looks like nothing but green cars telling us drivers are moving at speed past 32 to 495. back to you. we enjoyed the holiday but
4:28 am
millions of americans wish they had a job to go to on labor day instead of spending time with friends. that's because they are out of work. millions of others are taking second jobs to pay the bills. bruce leshan looks a some options. >> jennifer already has a full- time job as a manager of a downtown office building but she has taken a second job as a baby-sitter. >> it's been great. it's been a great opportunity for me to continue to do what i love to do, which is baby- sitting. >> reporter: she uses the website which connects her with parents looking for someone to watch their children. the american university business school graduate is among the 7 million people in the country working two or more jobs. >> in this economy, it is tough and it's nice to have a little extra money. >> reporter: seekingsitters dc franchise owner got in to the business because of her
4:29 am
families own trouble with the economy. >> my husband was laid off earlier this year, so we decided if we are going to do this we do it now. >> reporter: while corporate pretax profits have surged $400 billion since the depths of the resession, wages and employment have failed to keep pace. for a lot of uncle sam's nieces and nephews the answer to that question is not that great. more and more of us are struggling to find even one job. >> i am still looking for a job. it is really difficult to find employment these days. >> a second job, i feel blessed, definitely. >> layoff and staling nateing wages may force more workers to take more work to stay even. bruce leshan, 9 news now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. good morning. welcome to


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